Story Synopsis


In ancient times past the Re’Kahn created and harnesed the mystical power of certain stones. There were two “Prime” stones one dark and one light (Yin and Yang, good and evil you choose what you wish to believe). All the other lesser stones draw their energies from these two stones most of which we see today from the Prime White stone.

The Prime stones were said to hold the power of creation and destruction the ability to “make” or unmake anything, including the world. To control or own both of these stones would be to control the world, as a god.

The legend goes the Re’Kahn were the masters of the world and they shaped it to their liking . A war broke out between the light and dark aspects of the Prime Stones that eventually led to the breaking of the northern landmass into what we see today. At the center of the all this unleashed power remains a broken fractured land, filled with mysteries and wild energies.

Sometime during all this the some Re’Kahn bred with mortals and created a hybrid race not as powerful as their elders. These hybrids were banished to the southern continent where they eventually developed a partnership with dragons, eventually raising them up into high intelligence and treating them as equal partners.

The end of the war between the light and dark stones resulted in the “destruction” of the light stone and the departure, or fading, of the Re’khan on Esora. This left only the Hybrids who stand now as our gods and the true dragon line seems to have faded to the solitary brutes we encounter today and a mix dragon/hybrid race called the Shang, whether there are any elder dragons left or if they were just myth remains to be see.

Somewhere the dark prime stone remains, hidden and unrecoverable but still affecting the land around its resting place. No one has ever found the resting place of the stone and all who have gone looking for it either return insane or not at all.


The mystery surrounding the stone, its location, and how to access it may have been discovered and there is great interest in securing it or at least securing the discoverer Lord Waxillium “Wax” Ladrian, his materials and/or his companions.

One of the primary houses interested is also one of the worst speciems of mankind in the BSS, House Tekiel is normally behind every power grab and runs a profitable slaving business as well as mechanical construct industry. If House Tekiel was to secure the secrets of the stone or the stone itself the world would surely suffer for it.

Discover the stones location, how to access them and protect them from all others and you must move faster than the other groups who will be looking for it also.

Story Synopsis

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