Phantom Train Part 4 - Balkeirs Manse

The Story The party arrives at Lord Balkeirs Country manse in search of answers and information concerning the overthrow of the Battle Sky States.

Results This mission if followed up by the party will result in the eventual discovery of the Order of the Terrasque.

They will recover any remaining missing party members, kidnap victims, gear and discover there is an opposing force seeking the same thing (eventually) that they are.

The fight in the environs of House Balkeir’ country manse will not be easy but will lead to their first encounter with Terrik, Thomas’ brother who they very well may mistake for Thomas.

If they report their finding to the law it will be ignored as interference by outsiders (unless the party has made contact with the Explorers League or the loyalist constables).

Phantom Train Part 4 - Balkeirs Manse

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