Phantom Train Part 2 - Where’s My Stuff

The Events: The party has lost the Flagon or gear or party members, and they are headed to an unfamiliar city.

Innocent civilians have been kidnapped and train cars with valuable equipment and belongings are there to be recovered, if they dare.

Reward: The houses that have been losing both property, family members and train cars, have banded together to offer a reward for the capture of the bandits and recovery of kidnap victims and any property.

GM Only


This mission if taken by the team will result in the team being noticed by the Canton of Information and the Explorers League.

It will also result in the secret enmity of House Tekiel as these attacks were designed to create a monopoly on secure train travel that only the House Tekiel was ready to provide.

When the victims, items and materials that were stolen are found in House Balkeir’ wharehouses (a minor house aligned with Tekiel) they will lose considerable prestige.

The kidnap victims were being used to attempt to breed a truer line of allomancers.

The party at this point will also discover clues leading to the recovery of some gear that was left on the Flagon but not the Flagon itself. Only clues hinting at where they may find it.

NPC Encounters:

Hired Thugs
Common allomancers
Pai Lo
Terrick (glimpse and voice in WH)


Main Rail Station
Capital City
Balkeir Warehouses

Phantom Train Part 2 - Where’s My Stuff

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