Phantom Train Part 1 – Death walks amongst us

The Mystery: There is a rise in bandit attacks on trains returning from the “roughs” nobody has been hurt yet but whole train cars are disappearing from the train they are connected to. Recently kidnapping has also become part of the M.O.

The M.O. is the same every time, train enters a fog bank (common around here) the crew sees a “phantom train” on the track ahead of them (just a train light), when they bring the train to a stop bandits appear to rob the people riding the train.

When the bandits leave the “phantom train” diappears from ahead of them. When the train returns to the station one or two of the baggage/commercial cars are missing.

The party boards the train for Elendil and as they near the end of the long ride a conductor on the train (a short, human with an odd twinkle in his eye) warns them of the pending attack mere moments before it happens. After the attack the conductor is nowhere to be found.

The party may lose their Flagon at this point and must solve the mystery to retrieve their goods.

Phantom Train Part 1 – Death walks amongst us

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