Chapter 1 - Welcome to Elendel political intrigue and choosing sides

Primary Storyline Jigen was sent by his council to uncover a rumor concerning the great houses of the Battle Sky States. It appears that a famed explorer discovered evidence that may lead to the Re’Kahn Prime Stone. This stone must remain lost as the power is to great for any one nation to control it, if the rumor is true. Already it appears that the houses are preparing to leap as soon as any concrete word reaches them on its location.

Famed adventurer and member of the Explorers League Lord Waxillium Ladrian (an allomancer) and his companion have disappeared on the far isles after reporting a discovery of profound importance.

What the discovery may be is unknown but both the explorers league and the government are willing to finance (and reward) a rescue/discovery mission. Bring back Lord Waxillium Ladrian and his discovery or at least return with his discovery.

Last known location was the Pits of Eltania, a mine deep in the mysterious lands of the Koloss (barbarians with a penchant for violence). His last communique was both the sanctioned story being told in the Daily broadsheet (story submitted by Lord Wax to the Elendel Daily) but also a separate missive sent to the Explorers League and partially leaked to the government.

This separate missive (and the second half of the broadsheet story) describes both his success in joining the Koloss tribe that held him captive but also (not included in the broadsheet) the discovery of a detailed map that would lead to a load of Lerasium if the description holds true. The discovery in such amounts as hinted at in the missive could unbalance the empire and offer Allomancy to any not born to it.

Chapter 1 - Welcome to Elendel political intrigue and choosing sides

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